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Alamo City Foundation Repair in San Antonio TX offers the best and most reliable foundation repair and house leveling, backed by a transferrable warranty. We have decades of experience fixing cracked or sinking concrete foundations or unlevel pier & beam foundations in older homes.  We do a lot of work in clay soil areas of Northeast San Antonio including Converse, Kirby, Cibolo, Schertz, Selma TX. These areas are composed of what is known as expansive clay soil. This soil type is very prone to expansion and contraction in the presence or absence of water. In a stable climate, this type of soil would not be as much of a concern. But the San Antonio area is known for its variable climate between seasons and even day to day. There can be long stretches of drought followed by torrential rains and flooding. These climatic conditions in combination with the expansive clay soil puts a lot of stress on the foundation as the soil expands and contracts with the weather. It is this dynamic between climate and soil type that causes San Antonio to be an area prone to foundation issues.  There are also huge variations in temperature that cause the clay soil under your home's foundation to buckle and bow and eventually crack.  A foundation expert can show you ways to prevent a cracked foundation with suggestions such as french drains to control moisture around your foundation, gutters and even certain irrigation systems - although Alamo City Foundation Repair doesn't offer these services, we can give you great advice before seeking out quotes on these services!

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Our House Leveling & Foundation Repair Services Include:

  • Residential Foundation Repairs

  • Commercial Foundation Repairs

  • House Leveling Services

  • Cedar Posts House Leveling

  • Pier & Beam House Leveling

  • Commercial Foundation Leveling

  • Residential Foundation Leveling

  • Cracked Slab Repairs

  • Drainage Services

Clay Soil Map of Texas and San Antonio

Areas in pink show highly expansive clay soil that causes foundations to crack in San Antonio Texas

Professional, High-Quality Results

At Alamo City Foundation Repair, we offer a variety of foundation repairs and house leveling services for individuals who need work done on their homes. Whether you are looking for foundation repair or house leveling, the certified professionals at our company are here to help you! We use advanced equipment and technology in all of our foundation and house leveling projects. For more information, call us at 210-226-7575.
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